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FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions)

How far ahead should I book Michael? Most dates are booked a month or more in advance, but some are booked a year in advance. If possible, call before you establish a party date. This way Michael can work with you to find a mutually convenient time on your calendar.

Does Michael perform outside Massachusetts and Rhode Island? Yes. Michael has performed all over the United States. Please contact Michael at 508 558 3500 to discuss your location and needs. Michael is also available for lectures, workshops and private instruction.

What's the price? We offer multiple shows with multiple rates. Prices are based on type of show you choose, total length of the performance and commuting distance. You can call Michael directly at 508-558-3500 to request an exact quote or fill out the short form on the Check Availability page.

Will Michael put a date on hold for me while I check with my spouse? Due to our high call volume, we are unable to put a date on hold for you during your decision process. However, Michael will make every attempt to contact you if another client inquires about the same date and time.

May I see video clips from Michael's show? Yes. Click on the Video Clips button on the left side of the navigational bar.

Does Michael have references? Yes, you can find names and numbers on the bottoms of several pages on this site. There are also letters that actual customers wrote about their experiences working with us. Due to privacy concerns, there are no private birthday party contacts on the birthday page. However, we can provide phone numbers of moms and dads who we have worked with to make their parties unforgettable directly to you upon request.

Is Michael Insured for Liability? Yes. We will provide a copy of our policy upon request.

Does Michael still do small at-home birthday parties? Yes. Birthday parties are one of his favorite events to perform at.

Does Michael do his shows outdoors? YYes. However, there must be an alternate indoor location available in case of inclement weather (rain, ice, snow, high winds, tornado, hurricane, tsunami or other natural disasters). Also, in the warmer months, a shaded area must be provided to avoid having the children evaporate completely and all of Michael's balloons to spontaneously combust.

Does Michael perform at first birthday parties? YYes. The birthday baby's cousins aged 3 and up will have a blast. One and two year olds may not fully understand what's happening at all times, but most babies and toddlers are stimulated by the musical sing-along portion of the program.

How do I book Michael? Call Michael at 508-558-3500. Once a fee is determined and agreed upon, a full, detailed contract is mailed or faxed to you with all the necessary forms to complete the transaction. Birthday parents must pay prior to the event using an acceptable form of payment (see below). Customers other than birthday parents (schools, libraries, malls, churches, amusement parks, zoos, country clubs, scouts, rotary clubs, museums, stores, restaurants and other corporate clients) can pay on the day of the event by corporate check as long as a signed contract has been mailed back to Michael within seven days of booking.

What forms of payment does Michael accept? Cashiers check, Money Order or Paypal.

To whom shall I make the Payment? Michael Lynn Jr., PO BOX 9021 Fall River, MA 02720

Will I need to provide Michael with anything when he arrives? Please provide Michael with parking as close to the event site as possible (you may need to block off a space prior to your guests arriving to make sure a space is available). If there are any stairs or difficult access to the party, please provide Michael with at least one big, strong helper to lug equipment from his vehicle and back after the show. Please provide 2 chairs without arms on them and, when possible, Michael would love a cold water. If the event is a corporate event in a large hall or auditorium please provide a sound system with at least 1 microphone input and a 1/4 inch instrument input. If you don't have this equipment available, Michael can provide this at a nominal fee. Please let Michael know at time of your inquiry if you think he will need to provide this equipment.

Are there live animals in the show? Due to the unknown nature of allergy concerns of the small children you may have as guests at your event, we actually choose not to add live animals to our show for their comfort and safety. However, the balloon animals that we do create at the end of our birthday shows may appear to be alive, but upon closer inspection they are indeed balloons after all.

How does Michael need the performance area arranged? Michael prefers to set up against a wall with no one behind him. The children should be seated on the floor about 5-6 feet back. We ask that you place furniture or chairs around the perimeter of the room for the adults to sit comfortably and enjoy the show. In a corporate setting, a small stage or theater seating also is appropriate. Please inform Michael of any special features of the area you wish to have him perform in so that he can make any adjustments necessary.

Does Michael have employees or other performers who he sends in his place? No. I f you book Michael, you get Michael. If Michael is booked already or if you wish to add extra performers, Michael can book you with one of his other 18 entertainers. Our sister company is called Party Magic and we have several other types of entertainers on staff. We can provide Balloon Twisters, Bands, DJs, Clowns, Face Painters, Caricature Artists, Magicians, Story Tellers, Jugglers, Circus Performers, Santa or any other type of entertainment you can think of.

Will Michael perform in clown makeup? No, but if you need someone in clown makeup, he'd be happy to refer you to a professional clown. Michael has found that smaller children are very nervous around entertainers who cover their faces in makeup.

Is it customary to tip? Michael is happy with what he makes without tips. If you especially like his performance, he'll accept praise or a few extra bucks. If you dislike his show, write all of the reasons on a twenty dollar bill and he will read it carefully on his way home.

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