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Michael Lynn's Summer Programs
We offer many programs that will make your summer calendar one the children will be talking about for years to come. we offer large discounts for those who block book or set up multiple performances or workshops.Our shows are geared for children in grades Pre-k thru 6th. grade, but can be customized for middle school, high school or even Special Education.

Our Satisfied Summer Program Customers

Chris Sparks
Agawam Parks & Recreation Dept
760 Cooper Street
Agawam, MA 01001

Taren Crocker
Westwood Recreation
200 Nahatan Street
Westwood, MA 02090
Mike Cawley
Norwood Recreation
Norwood, MA

The Show

Michael and his lovely assistant start this wild rollercoaster ride with a summer camp sing-along like no other, led by michael's crazy antics along with his brilliant vocals and guitar work.
The magic portion is riddled with jokes and silly stories together with an array of magic including illusions, Sleight of hand, and unexplainable feats that will leave your entire group (teachers and adults included) scratching their heads in disbelief. the show concludes with michael showing off with his award winning Balloon Twisting Skills. For a Finale Michael invites a lucky member from the audience on stage to be dressed in the most amazing balloon costume personally twisted by Michael himself.

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Balloon Twisting
Michael or Angela can be hired for as little as a half hour or the whole day.
*We offer 2 types of balloon twisting entertainment

A: a high volume balloon twister to twist for long lines for a large audience
the balloons created will be smaller and less detailed than some of our larger scale Award winning designs.

B: Michael and Angela can twist some of the most awesome creations your guests have ever seen. We will make sculptures to impress even the un-impressible

The designs would be comprised of multiple balloons in an array of vibrant colors.
You could expect to see Cartoon parodies, Interactive Costumes, and some of the zaniest head pieces imaginable.

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